SmartMED Application and Portal Account Privacy Policy

SmartMED and Imaginauts CORP understand the importance of personal information and is committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy statement applies to all data collected by Imaginauts through the SmartMED application.


(A) General;
This Agreement is to inform You of the information collected from your use of the Application/Portal and disclose any uses of the information either You provide or we collect through use of our Services.

(B) Definitions;
In this Agreement, “User,” “You,” and “Your” refer to You as the user of the Application and/or Service. “SmartMED,” “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to the SmartMED application/service which is owned by Imaginauts CORP.


(A) Collection Means.
SmartMED may collect information in two ways:

i. Information You give to us. For example, services that require you to sign up for an account. This may require information like a nickname, or email address.

ii. Information we get from your use of our services. We may collect information from the services you use and how you use them. This includes; medication information and reminders, adherence data, and device information (hardware model, operating system version, mobile network).

(B) How information is used;
We use the information collected from our application and software to provide and maintain, protect, and improve them. We also may use the information collected in an aggregate means, for marketing of the service or research interests. This use would include third party members accessing aggregate information and investigating it. When the information is used this way, no personal identifiers will be included, only information that is essential to the research. No emails, names, or unique identifiers will be accessible by third party users.

(C) Aggregate Data;
We will own and may share the aggregate information collected from its services. This collection will be of information that cannot be identified back to an individual user of the Application/Service.


(A) User Disclosure;
Users of the services may choose to disclose their information to others by their authority alone. The services allows individuals to view collected information on users through explicit consent by each party. For example: Users of the service may invite close family members to follow their progress of a prescription and alert them when issues occur. Subsequently, users may choose to share their adherence information with their healthcare team to add to their Personal Health Record.

(B) Aggregate Disclosure;
Imaginauts CORP may choose to disclose all or part of the information collected from its users. Only non identifying information will be used, and any possible personal identifiers will be removed before shared with tertiary parties. This information may be shared for marketing, research, or internal uses.


(A) Measures;
We use industry standards when handling sensitive data. SSL connections are in place to ensure end to end encryption when users are within the web portal. Secure portions of the site require usernames and passwords allowing for secure verification of the user.

(B) Devices;
The mobile devices used to handle the application are personal devices and should be treated as such. Users have the ability to put a security number in order to open the application for further security. This does not substitute for proper caretaking of a personal device. Users should always follow the device manufacturer’s instructions and use common sense, such as not sharing passwords publicly or downloading suspicious software, in order to safeguard their personal information as the first line of defence against security breaches.

(C) Guarantee;
Despite our usage of best practices and diligence for all information collected from users there is always the possibility of unforeseen disruptions to security. We cannot guarantee nor warrant the security of the information you share with us and others despite our pledge to follow industry standards in security.


(A) Changes;
We reserve the ability to change this Privacy Agreement at any point. If any changes are made, they will be available immediately and users will be notified.

Last updated: May 23, 2013