Medication Functionality

  • Ability to enter in Schedule and PRN (as needed) medication.
  • Scheduled medication will create notifications to remind users to take their medication.
  • Progress bar to visually see remaining medications.
  • Prescription refill reminders.
  • Edit and delete medications.


  • Confirm, delay, or refuse medications at the point of adherence to easily keep track of prescription history.
  • Reschedule medications before the alarm goes off.
  • Keep track of remaining medication.


  • At a glance be able to see how many medications you have to take on any given day.
  • Accurately calculate when refills will be needed, and when prescriptions should be completed.
  • A month picker and day picker.
  • Ability to see specific medication needed on a certain date and modify one instance of the medication.

Notification Functionality

  • Take medication, skip a medication, or Snooze alarms for a later time.
  • Auto-reschedule notification after phone is restarted.


  • Easily determine how well you are following your prescription with a graphical interface.
  • Explore patterns of adherence history to discover barriers to proper adherence or indicators of triggers/


  • Ability to make notes regarding specific medications to keep track of adverse drugg effects or improvements.
  • Categorize the note from general, important, or Urgent.
  • Save, edit and delete notes.